The Bottom of the Bottle


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The Bottom of the Bottle
The Bottom of the Bottle
The Bottom of the Bottle
The Bottom of the Bottle
Outlaw Country is as much a way life now as it was decades ago in Dixie. You will not find a bar, pool hall, festival, or street fair that isn't playing some of the Outlaw Music. From raspy voices, rebellious and honest lyrics, to finding redemption in a bottle or in a church pew - Outlaw Country Music holds a special place in our hearts because it was the first music to take an honest look at life, and ourselves. 
While we can't bring you the whiskey, we can provide you the glass to toast these Outlaws and to use for years to come. Poured in our custom Dixie Grace Candle Company Rocks Glass, we are proud to bring you The Outlaw Way.

The Bottom of the Bottle - The Outlaw Way 

A few country music singers have found their way through The Bottom of the Bottle, but we will always be fond of that long haired redneck that brought us some smooth Tennessee whiskey first. Spending time in and out of prison while living in a hearse in Nashville, this Outlaw bucked the system from the beginning. She may have never even called him by his name, but we all know his name well down in Dixie. 

We mixed Sambac, Bergamot, Vanilla Bourbon, Amber, and Burgundy Reserve to bring you this rich Bourbon scent and take you straight down to The Bottom of the Bottle. 

Dixie Grace Rocks Glass - Reusable 

You can't give a tribute to Outlaw Country Music without Bourbon and Whiskey! While we can't provide the alcohol, we can give you the perfect glass to drink it from. Once your wick reaches the bottom of the glass, pop out the wick clip, wipe or scoop out the remaining small amount of wax, and wash thoroughly with dish soap and water. Once cleaned, your Dixie Grace Rocks Glass is safe for drinking! 

**Do not dispose of remaining wax down the sink drain. You can pour out the wax into the trash can while still warm, or wipe out with paper towel and throw paper towel away. 

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